About Michelle

About Michelle

Michelle Robindell, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)   I am a CTI-trained Professional Coach who would love to help you live your best life. We all have an idea of who we would like to be and the lives we

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"I was bored and frustrated with work. I felt underutilized and my attempts to make changes fell short. I could hear myself complain and knew it wasn't healthy for me or pleasant for anyone around me. Michelle helped me to identify my values. With her positive support and encouragement I have created new opportunities at work. I truly appreciate her compassionate approach and feel I have new tools to guide me in both my personal life and at work. Thank you Michelle!"

Cheryl O'Connell West Vancouver, Canada

“Working with Michelle has been a wonderful experience. Her kind, open minded and positive thinking is a breath of fresh air and has affected my life in such a short time in such a positive and uplifting way.”

Katy Taveira Athens, Greece

My Promise to You

As your coach, I will work with you to identify your core values and life purpose, and design your life around what is most important to you. You can narrow the gap between your ideal life and your current life and rediscover that fun, relaxed, happy person you know you are!